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Address: 16-6 Fl, Far East World Center, 79, Sec 1, Hsin-Tai 5 Rd., Hsi-Chih City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
Phone: 886.2.2698.0608
Fax: 886.2.2698.3838
Web: http://www.typ.com.tw
E-Mail: justin@tw-online.com.tw (Justin Lin.Operations Director)

IMPORTANT: Taiwan Yellow Pages Year 2003 edition is currently under preparation and is estimated to be released in November 15 2002. Please fill out the following form to help us process your ads in our advertisement exchange program.

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1. Would you like to renew or make any changes to your advertisement for the Taiwan Yellow Pages 2003 with us?

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* If your answer is "Yes", Please mail us your film by September 20, 2002. Click here to view and print our address label and the specifications for your film.

** If your answer is "No", we will use your advertisement from our Taiwan Yellow Pages 2002 edition.

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Thank you for your time filling out this form. We will get back to you as soon as we've received your response. If you have any concerns or question, please call us at: 886.2.2698.0608 or email to Justin Lin (Operations Director) justin@tw-online.com.tw